Who we are

Ekonsepto is a non-profit organization aiming to expand economics literacy by creating community-oriented and relevant content and building collaborative spaces with the Filipino youth to open economics for everyone.

The Problem: Economics jargons alienates Filipinos from maximizing democratic rights.

Economic phenomenon, may it be prices of goods or how taxes should be spent, concerns everyone yet when economists, people in politics, and the media talk about the economy, it appears as if economic issues exist in a vacuum. To further aggravate the situation, resources available are written for those with requisite knowledge already. Effectively, this excludes the majority of the public in economic discourse, thus hindering them to maximize their democratic rights.

Equipping the people with the knowledge and skills to discuss economic issues also prevents bigger negative impacts. When our leaders fail to take into account trade-offs and favors political considerations over economic reasoning, the country foregoes social benefits because resources are put into misplaced priorities.

Jargons found in economists' talk | Screenshot from Manila Times

The Solution: Popularizing economics through community-centered and relevant media

  • De-jargoned and audience-focused. Ekonsepto takes pride in its team of storytellers with background in development communication tasked to review outputs of economics writers to ensure that the terms are understandable for the layperson.

  • Bite-sized. In contrast to the above available resources, Ekonsepto provides a unique approach to economics education because it makes use of bite-size information which can be easily swiped through or scrolled when viewing the social media platform.

  • Pluralized. With recognition to the shortcomings of the dominant economic thinking, i.e., neoclassical theory, Ekonsepto undertakes to provide in its content a critical lens on the field by providing explicit caveats in the quantification of wealth and other concepts and borrows from other perspectives such as ecological, feminist and Marxian theories to provide a holistic analysis of the economy and the society.

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