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Social Enterprise Feature: Sharing the economics behind

We write for enterprises to bring out the economics behind their brand. We are also open for outsourced writing solutions. 


Data for Agriculture with

October 8 & 10, 2020 | Ekonsepto and Tagani hosted 2 workshops to train a new breed of digital agriculturists and farm managers. 🌱 #SupportFarmersPH

📊 Data Visualization - Oct 8 (Wed, 7 pm PHT)

🖥 Data Acquisition - Oct 10 (Sat, 7pm PHT)

The workshops are part of the larger #GrowASEAN Digital Agriculture Fellowship Program, a blended-learning program instituted by Tagani Philippines and funded by the US Mission to ASEAN, Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Seeds, and Cultural Vistas that aims to equip young and emerging ASEAN digital agriculturists with skills in full farm site development using spatial data analysis, agriculture analytics, digitally-enabled farm design, and agribusiness economics.

Publication Materials Generation with Tech4Ed

March 30, 2022 | In celebration of women and their incomparable contributions to the world this March, Tech4ED, in partnership with the DICT Gender and Development Office, organized TechTalk: Women Entrepreneurs in the Digital Space. This event featured our Head of Storytelling to make the most out of Canva.

This event is co-presented by Summit Media’s Smart Parenting, Digitally Darla and Freelancing Babe, Hungry Camera, and DENR Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau, and Ekonsepto PH.

Frequently Asked Questions

Media Partnership

Does Ekonsepto participate in media partnerships to promote an event? What are the main considerations for accepting the invitation?

Yes. Ekonsepto accepts media partnership invitations. We support events/webinars/workshops by different organizations which align with our mission and vision of expanding economic literacy and creating the Philippines where democracy is maximized through the citizens' use of economic thinking in making informed decisions and opinions about economics. 

Do we have to sign a contract or memorandum of agreement (MOA) for media partnerships?

No. Ekonsepto is not strict nor adheres to the traditional way of media partnership. As an online educational platform, we are doing our best to support and promote events without taking additional and time-consuming processes to deal with the partnership agreements. 

Our partnership package requires sending delegates and/or hitting a number of likes and shares by your individual members. Do you accommodate this type of partnership obligation?

No. Ekonsepto is run by a limited number of volunteers and core team members. As such, we cannot guarantee representation from our organization. Nevertheless, we are open to sharing your event/activity on our social media platforms. We only seek to at least be acknowledged through logo inclusion and tagging of our page on Facebook and Twitter. 

We noticed that our promotional materials/events are not yet featured on your Facebook page, how can we follow up? 

Given that Ekonsepto primarily publishes primers, explainers, and Question and Answer posts, we highly encourage potential partners to send in advance the promotional materials (if we will have to post ourselves) two to three days before the event itself so that we can put them in our social media calendar. For links to the posts to be re-shared, please send simply tag our page on Facebook and Twitter and we will share accordingly.

Where should we submit the materials needed  for Media Partnerships? 

Please send us the materials that need to be shared or submitted through our email: ekonsepto[@]

My questions are not answered in this FAQ.

If you have any further questions or wish to pursue a different type of collaboration, please do let us know and we will set an exploratory meeting to discuss. You may also send an email to our Opportunities team regarding the partnership matters through this email ekonsepto[@]

Invitation for Speakership

If you want to invite our young economists and other volunteers for your events as guest or keynote speakers, please head on to our Team page and reach out to your chosen Ekonsepto member directly. Alternatively, you can invite us by sending an email to ekonsepto[@] Check out the previous engagements here

Co-Publication and Commercial Primers

Please email ekonsepto[@] so we can set an exploratory meeting.