Pluralism in Economics

Ekonsepto strives to showcase different ways of explaining the economy.

Ekonsepto is an affiliate member of the larger network of Rethinking Economics, aiming to make economics better and more relevant. With recognition to the shortcomings of the dominant economic thinking, i.e., neoclassical theory, Ekonsepto undertakes to provide in its content a critical lens on the field by providing explicit caveats in the quantification of wealth and other concepts and borrows from other perspectives such as ecological, feminist and Marxian theories to provide a holistic analysis of the economy and the society. We believe that when students and scholars widen their horizons, we will be able to address the contradictions of economic theory in issues such as environmental degradation and inequality.

Primer Series: Faces of Economics

In the current times wherein we are not able to get out and interact with other people, we are easily trapped with our own ideas and beliefs. During #WorldPhilosophyDay, Ekonsepto challenged the public to leave and reflect on the importance of philosophical thinking in times of crisis. 

The primer series titled, “Ang Iba’t Ibang Mukha ng Economics” is presented by Ekonsepto and Exploring Economics. Every month, we will feature names we don’t often hear, but have outstanding contributions in the field of economics. They are people who gave something different, however, often contradicts the beliefs of most people.

We invite economists to take a step back and pause from rushing into providing answers and inquire first whether we are asking the right questions. 

Primer 1: Marxian Political Economy

December 11, 2021 | This session is part of the Klimanomiks webinar. Ms. Birte Strunk is a PhD Economics student at New School for Social Research in New York.  Her current research is focus on the Philosophy of Economics at Ecological Economics, where she relates social and ecological perspectives on questions related to labor. Aside from this, she is also a member of Post-Growth Economics Network and a research fellow on a Germany-based ZOE Institute for Future-Fit Economies.

June 12, 2021 | This session is part of Mapagpalayang Ekonomiks webinar of Ekonsepto.

As part of our mission, we organized this webinar so we can learn together about the big events that shaped our economic history and how we can promote an inclusive economics education that is reflective of our experience as a nation.

Curious to learn more about other schools of thought in economics?  Check out these resources below.

The Institute for Autonomy and Governance explore the importance of Islamic economic thought and the viability of social market economy in developing an effective and socially inclusive economic model for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM). 

In the new series “Economics For People” from the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), University of Cambridge economist and bestselling author Ha-Joon Chang explains key concepts in economics, empowering anyone to hold their government, society, and economy accountable.